Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Opening Day Game

One of the main reasons we came to Tokyo was to see the Opening Day Game, Red Sox vs Oakland A's. After a few attempts of getting the tickets we managed to score three good seats and perhaps see the only game this year.

The opening ceremony was typical Japanese dance and song routine, the national anthems came next and then the game began. The people in our section were mostly Americans that were here to see the game from various parts of the U.S. It was good to see and we quickly managed to become friends with a few of them.

A young man was sitting next to me and informed me that this was his first baseball game. I had asked how he was able to get his tickets so quick as he had purchased them through E-Bay and as we were discussing tickets, the lady in the row ahead of me heard that we thought it would have been fun to see another game. You don't find anyone selling tickets here in Japan, and even if there were scalpers, we wouldn't be able to understand. She offered to sell her tickets since they had an extra set and it so happened that there were three of them as well. The hotel had purchased an extra set for them by mistake so they were hoping to sell them.

What are the odds on that? Talk about luck..

Guess where we're going tonight?


Lisa Wilson said...

I heard about the Red Sox being in Japan and figured you guys would get tickets to go!! Hope you had fun!!

Aiglee said...

Tokyo!! I would love to be there, please enjoy for me and keep posting your beautiful pictures :)