Monday, April 28, 2008

Birthday Bash at the Mexican's

It was a beautiful warm day with clear blue skies, something that doesn't happen all that often here so in keeping with this week's theme, we managed to have yet another party for my birthday. Actually, it was more of an excuse for everyone to get together.

The making of a good Margarita!

When a glass just won't do.
We went to the Mexican's as he has a nice size yard. The usual cast of characters arrived for a fun filled day. We drank, ate, laughed the day away. Near the end of the evening, our dear crazy friend, Renee decided that we needed to have a drink of the snake wine that we had purchased for him. Since I didn't want to get sick by myself, I made sure that Mark, Renee and a few others were drinking this stuff with me. Hey, misery loves company! We toasted and tossed it back quickly. We figured it would be easier to get it over with, than prolong the agony. As for the taste? All one could taste was the alcohol.  

I found a few volunteers and no Renee Jr., didn't drink any snake wine. 

Yup, don't think we'll be having that again!

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