Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Shift Changes

When you visit or live here chances are you will see the shift change ceremony. It happens with most of the companies, stores, restaurants, hairdressers, security guards and so on...

It's quite unique actually. Once a new shift starts, they will have the manager do a speech and encourage every one to do their best work. The workers will chant something back, or sing in certain cases.

The other day, there was a shift change with our security personnel in our apartment complex. It was quite interesting to see. The manager had them salute for a good 10 minutes while he checked every individual and corrected them when not saluting correctly. Then they changed formation and had their feet move slightly back, so that the toes were on the ground and their heels up. They stayed in this position for a few minutes before they started a new position while the leader inspected them, with a few of them giggling. This continued for about a good 15 minutes before I headed back to our apartment.

I took a few pictures as they were still doing their daily ritual.

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