Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Guest Blogger #5

They are trying to kill me!!!!!
Anyone who knows Tina knows all about her terrible sense of direction. Well, I thought she had improved - until today. We started out at a coffee house at 9am and smoothies (yes children I have them even when I have a choice and you are not around!!!). I also had tea which of course set my bladder on pee for the day. Then we went for manicures and pedicures which took 90 minutes... I was finished about 1/2 hour before Tina, and she had 2 people working on her for a good part of the time. Two Australian women had been there for more than 2 hours and left undone at the same time as us because they were late. Yikes!!! We then walked to a place to get accessories for tea and we shopped. We then walked through a beautiful park and on...

Then we headed for "electric city" to look for games, but of course we took the long way around because Tina couldn't quite remember where it was... We finally ended up at Chairman Mao restaurant and I said that if I didn't eat I would faint so we stopped for lunch, tea and a beer. Food was fabulous, bok choi with mushrooms, beef with potatoes and hot peppers and some sort of odd cold noodle "salad". Finally made it to electric city, but no games. Lots of game systems but no games!!!!! So we cabbed back home to drop things off.

Then we headed for Temptations to drop off Sue-ee's manicure card. She claimed she suffered no damage from Sunday nights revels, but she was clearly lying. We walked to the bank and then on to the temple, but we cabbed there. First a brief tour of the university, lovely, then on to the temple. Quite lovely but no way I was climbing up the hill to the top. NO WAY!! We walked through a little market and laughed at the Chinglish tee shirts. Quite illiterate and amazing.

Then we took a cab to You and Me 2, a bar by the beach to watch the sun go down, but Tina had the cab driver drop us at something familiar .... and then we walked, and walked, and walked, and walked. She says she thought it was about 1/2 km, I say about 4 km at least. (Mark agrees). My blisters got blisters and some burst, so I was very glad to sit down. We had a few beers and even though the sunset was obscured by clouds, it was still pleasant. The owner is a scary looking old swedish man with a very young Chinese wife. Go figure...

This is the part where I wanted to hurt Tina. 1/2 km, no way! Cleary she doesn't know distances!

We had dinner at a seafood restaurant where you pick the fish you want. I think we had periwinkels to start. Pretty shells and delish. We also had fabulous fish, bok choy and a chicken dish that was very good. It looked like we were the only ones in the restaurant, so we got lots of attention. While the staff was lined up outside for training (ask me later) they kept looking around at us and giggling...

Home at 10:30 and TO BED, FEET UP HELP!!!!!

Foot massage tomorrow, either it will make me better or kill me.

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