Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Guest Blogger #6

Is it Wednesday night already? Tina keeps telling me that I look tired. I can't imagine why given last night.

We got going around 11am today and went to the coffee house for breakfast again. We both had banana milkshakes and they were delish. Tina had a grilled cheese (it seems wrong to be in China and ordering a grilled cheese) and I had thai chicken in lettuce wraps which were somewhat questionable.

Then we went to the bank, and on to look for a t-shirt shop, doing some shopping along the way. We wanted Chinglish tee shirts, but no luck. It was getting hot and steamy, so we hopped back home to drop stuff off and waited for Edlin who was picking us up.

We headed for "electric city" three levels of three buildings that have all things technological. Eldlin knows a place that sells Wii games. We found it but no joy for what I was looking for and we don't know if it will play on a North American player, but the discs were under $1 each.

Then we walked along to a "spa" to have foot massages.

In the entrance, the hostesses are dressed in pink nurses outfits, complete with nurse's cap.

They settled us in a room with three chairs and brought in tubs of HOT water mixed with what looked like tea. I couldn't put my feed in, which they found funny, but when Tina and Edlin had the same problem they brought in some cold water. It was still so hot Edlin's feet were beet red (I didn't look at mine).

While our feet soaked, we were given neck and shoulder massages. It was almost painful (and even was in some spots) they worked at it so hard.

Then on to the foot massage. In some spots it is almost exquisite pain, but feels good too. He found one spot on my foot that I couldn't take (but he kept working it) then he says to me "you have insomnia". Wow.

They spent about an hour on our feet which involved massage of the feet (including hitting), very firm massage of the calves and knees. The only spot he didn't get to was the area on the soles of my heels where the blisters are.

When they finish, they leave and I thought it was over, but they come back with bags of very VERY hot stones and they put your feet on them they your calves then they do a massage with them.

Then the feet went back into buckets of hot water, and they soaped our feet and dried them.

A few more punches to the calves (what did I ever do to him?) and we were done.

It was like heaven.

All for 50 rmb per person, or about $7.

Hopped a cab back home, and went to the local Thai place for a snack.

We had an appetiser platter and bbq pork slices with the most amazing sauce.

After, we asked if I could buy one of their tea pots, because I really like them, and it flew them all into confusion.

There were about 7 or 8 staff members involved! Everything is such a production here. In the end they took Tina's number and will call. Or not!

We had another rest here until 6:45 and then went to a Korean bbq spot around the corner. The place is lovely and the food was very good. We had beef, pork and some sort of shank cut that was so chewy it was almost impossible to bite! We had a good laugh over that. The funny thing is that a girl stands and cooks the food for you and serves you as you eat.

Cheap labour.

Back home and called Alan and the kids, it was so good to hear your voices, I cannot tell you. Mimi too, in the background. Benny, I am very worried about you - your cough sounds so bad. I miss you all so much.

Off to bed now, need a good nights' sleep, if the squealing stops. It is particularly bad tonight.

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