Friday, April 18, 2008

Guest Blogger #7

Thursday, went to a French store, not French, just French owned. Fun shopping, lots of weird and wonderful stuff.

Funny cab driver on the way there, he didn't understand but said he did, and we sailed past it and then it took him a long time to finally turn around.

Then back and had a nice lunch near home then went to the airport for our flight to Wuyishan.

Flight was 2 hours late so read and watched women's weightlifting. It was just as fun watching the men watching the TV.

Nice flight, served hot dogs (no kidding) and water. The sky was beautiful.

Landed, met by our guide Daniel and off to hotel. I passed out after crackers and orange chocolate chip cookies. Tina and Mark went out for dinner. They will have to fill you in....

7am awake, shower and down for a questionable Chinese buffet breakfast. I had greasy fried rice and a dough bun thingy. Tried to order tea and got hot water. Tried the milk, creamy and good.

Off to the first Mountain trek. Paths became steeper and narrower as we climbed, but it was worth the view at the top. Being stared at is becoming tiresome. I turned around to find a group pointing cameras at me.

Lovely temple just down from the peak where we sat and had water. I was very thirsty. The sun came out just to make it perfect.

We walked down the easy way, but still very tiring. They had sedan chairs, we took a few photos of them. The guys carrying them must be extraordinarily strong.

Back to bus and on to lunch. Very nice place. Snakes and frogs on offer, but extra charge for us so we didn't try.

On to the next climb into a scenic tea growing area.

Very, very beautiful. We saw 600 or so year old tea trees.

Back to bus and on to tea shop. Tried three different teas, but they were more bitter and very strong.

Back to bus and on to market. Fabulous wood carving shops. Beautiful antiques, but if I had something shipped I think Alan would strangle me.

We are going out for dinner now, more later......

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