Thursday, April 10, 2008

Must be an early birthday....

Becasue tonight our third guest showed up, and she brought a full suitcase full of gifts.

Yes, today we are happy for we now have the following:

2 big bags Tostitos Nacho Chips
5 family size boxes of Triscuits
2 12 packs of Dentyne Ice
Several bags of Wine Gums -I'm not sure what this is, it must be a Canadian thing....
2 giant jugs of pasta sauce
4 bottles of wine
..and Swifter wet mop pads.

And to think that we were impressed with all the great stuff that Matt brought.

Ok, the bar has been raised, we are sorry for how this effects all of our future guests but happy for us.....

1 comment:

Mom & Dad said...

Ok, she raised the bar. But do we need to bring more triscuits when we come next month? Mom & Dad