Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ah, the fun of being 4.

I thought I would show you the fun Mark had with Daniel the other evening. It was all going so well, or so we thought. Daniel wanted Mark to lift him on his shoulders, and so Mark obliged. Well, that lasted about 5 minutes. He quickly decided he didn't want that so he told Mark to put him down. Mark then said, "What do you say? " Daniel said, " I want down!" Let's just say that this back and forth conversation went on for about 30 minutes.
Daniel cried, pouted, screamed, and twisted while Ben laughed. As stubborn as Mark can be at times, I think he found his match.
Daniel, still enjoying his view

Okay, that lasted about 5 minutes.

Now the twist.

Finally the pout.

Well, at least his older brother was having fun.

Guess who won?

Yup, Daniel. He had to go to the bathroom. Mark couldn't argue that point. Smart kid!

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