Friday, May 9, 2008

Finally, progress....

Well at least some progress in our little corner of the world...

I'm sure some of you may remember how we were amazed when we first moved into our apartment that the building was probably around 60-70% empty, and that most of the units we still under construction. There was a lot of work going on, and slowly but surely units were being completed and people were moving in.

Apparently last weekend we crossed some sort of work completed threshold, because when we went out all of our elevators looked like this:

That's a standard elevator with wood up covering the walls so that people can move in without damaging anything. We had presumed that we would never see this protection come down, but when we returned home the other day we found this:
An almost new looking elevator. Wow, it's like living in a whole new building.
Of course, the one construction elevator is still set up to carry bricks, but 2 out of 3 is definite progress. On a side note, whomever owns the unit directly across from us has decided that now would be the best time for them to start working on their unit.

This photo is from our front door, you can see the mats that they've put down to try and catch all the dirt. They aren't helping.

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