Tuesday, May 20, 2008

...and now their trip begins.

Ah, how quickly my parents quick stint in Xiamen really was, as today we placed them onto an airplane headed towards Beijing. At the same time we boarded a plane to Shanghai where I will get some work done and go to a convention and Tina will get to sightsee and shop. Happiness all around...

Once again it was great to have some guests and to show them the little slice of China that we are now calling home. We walked them all around the island, from the small markets to the Botanical Gardens to temples and the University that is beating the Chinese language into Tina's head. It was also nice for us to have a quick reprieve from writing, and to let those readers who aren't my parents get another glimpse into what Xiamen is like at first impression.

So, if we are lucky, as my parents tour Beijing, Xi'an, Guilin, and then Shanghai, they may e-mail us a blog to post, otherwise it's back to the standard blog fare that you've come to expect.

And with that, we're off into the Shanghai evening to try and find some nice wine.

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