Monday, May 19, 2008

Guest Blog #4 - Mark's Parents

For lunch today we tried another favorite restaurant of Mark and Tina's. They were sure Charlie would find something he liked.

At the entrance of the restaurant we observe this tradition of burning money. Actually it is fake money, or ghost money, which is burned so those deceased will have monies in their afterlife. We are unsure if this is a daily practice when the restaurant opens, or if was possibly in remembrance of those lost in the quake.
This is fish with noodles, a favorite of Tina's, but not Charlie's. Actually this was what he ate the most of for lunch. None of the other dishes pictured below were acceptable to him. Top Left is mushrooms with bokchoi, Top Right is pepper beef with apples and bottom is Mark's favorite of slightly sour beans with beef.
We then took the ferry to Gu Lang Yu (A small island off Xiamen.) Picture below was taken from the ferry and shows construction that Mark comments on. . . . . they build from the top down. The wrapped part is still under construction, and the rods holding the wrap onto the structure are all bamboo.
We arrive safe and sound off the ferry after paying 4 rmb to ride "first class" on the top.
Streets were narrow and hilly. Many of the houses are of the old colonial style and were the homes of the consulate offices when they were all located here, not being allowed on the island of Xiamen.
We enjoyed a tea tasting ceremony.

Another of the island's streets with a local.
It was low tide when we were leaving and Charlie took this picture of some boats waiting for the high tide.
But low tide is a good time to check your nets.
When we got back, we went up to the Pizza Hut on the 24th floor. Charlie ate the most of all. We got back to Mark & Tina's about 7:00. Wait....there is no construction noise. It may be they have stopped for the country's 3 days of mourning the Earthquake victims, starting today. And we leave tomorrow. And Mark & Tina are leaving for Shanghai for business. And Tina could have slept in quiet for 3 days.

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