Thursday, May 15, 2008

China Earthquake Relief

With all of the news of the earthquake and the daily updates that the devestation is much worse then everone originally thought and hoped for, we have now added a link on the side for those of you that wish to provide some help.

Seeing as we can't get into our site from within China, becasue we use blogger which is blocked here, we aren't sure if the link is loaded up properly; let us know if it doesn't work well. The side link will take you to another site that list options for donating, the link for the Red Cross Society of China, is often too busy to connect straight through. That's one thing that is really nice to see, the outpouring of help and support from everyone, within China and from the rest of the world.

We also appreciate all of the calls and e-mails of concern that we received from all of you. As we wrote on the base of our one post we didn't feel anything, but since then we have talked to some people here that were in high rises here in Xiamen and they did notice the buildings swaying....

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