Friday, May 16, 2008

Guest Blog #1 - Mark's Parents

Well, we arrived, tired but happy to see Mark and Tina's smiling faces at the airport. It was a long day with an hour and a half delay with the final flight. We were so tired that even the guest room bed with the hard mattress was wonderful.

This morning we had a "western breakfast" at one of the local spots but even with the English menu Charlie and Mark did not get what they ordered. We were too hungry to care. . . it was better than the airplane food.

We just returned from walking around the market with its fresh meat, vegetables, fruit, DVDs. Charlie got a haircut and the guys got their shoes shined. They had to barter the price on the shoe shine. The senses really wake up in the marketplace; not all are necessarily pleasant but Mark and Tina say the fruits all taste great. We bought some to try later.

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