Saturday, May 17, 2008

Guest Blog #2 - Mark's Parents

We survived another day and are enjoying it all. Last night we sat at one of Mark and Tina's favorite bars, enjoyed a drink and watched the sun set.

Then we headed over to Temptations for dinner. The owners know Mark and Tina very well and prepared a special meal for us. Mark and Tina put in their request for certain foods and it was excellent. Mark said it was to be our last "Western style meal". The dessert was fruit we had picked up at the market earlier in the day. There were some funny looking ones that even Mark/Tina didn't know what they were, but they were delicious. They also prepared a wonderful lemon tart which is most unusual in China as the Chinese like sweet tastes, not sour.

This afternoon we went to the Xiamen University and then the Nanputuo Temple. Tina has been there with each visitor and they all have climbed to the top of the rocks behind the temple. Mark has always been at work so this was his first visit. Guess what??? We didn't make it to the top. Too tired! It is a very ornate temple and there are inscriptions on the rocks as you climb up. Very beautiful scenery.

Some of the Chinese people giggle and say Hello. They want to take their picture with you, the foreigner. Charlie was happy to pose with them.

This picture was taken as we walked back home from the Temple. The picture will be appreciated by Charlie's Dad and brother. The cross bars say "Caution" "Fire Car" (literal translation for train).

It was night when we got back to Mark & Tina's neighborhood. People were out in the streets and the neon lights made us think about NYC's Time Square or Las Vegas.

Dinner was definitely Chinese and Charlie did not eat much. I think he may get use to it in time. We hope so or he will be stopping at McDonald's a lot. We are finding using chop sticks to be easier then at home, if only because at home you give up and ask for forks. Here if you want to eat, you quickly learn how to manage them.

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