Monday, June 30, 2008


To all my family, friends and fellow Canadians,



Aiglee said...

Que bella!!! Feliz dia de Canada! :D

Ximena said...

Happy Canada Day! Hope you had a fantastic one, it was quiet here in Miami as you can imagine but I finally had it off and didn't have to work. Good ole' Canadian Consulate!

Ryan said...

Happy (belated) Canada Day to you guys too. 加拿大日快乐!

It's funny, someone brought those little Canada flags to our BBQ and we had Canada Day Cupcakes as well.

Do they hand them out the flags at the Embassy or something? :-)

Tina said...

Now, that's funny.

Perhaps I should ask my friend Ximena who works for the Canadian consulate in Miami, why the government doesn't hand out free flags.

Any ideas X?

Ximena said...

hmm....I'm not allowed to comment but maybe it has to do with big budget cuts that were passed down at the end of February. Can't waste tax payer money!!