Sunday, June 29, 2008

Xiamen Migration

Friday we decided that we would stay in or so we thought, since it has been a long and busy week for the both of us.

Now, if anyone knows Mark, his favorite dessert of all time, is the carrot cake. Siew happened to mention that she has just made carrot cake, and if we would like to come over and try it? Oh, she's good.
Mark would not turn down such an invitation, so we wandered over to Temptations after dinner. Siew thought we should try the new sparkling wine, figuring it would compliment the carrot cake.

The chef, Siew and her carrot cake and apple crumble.

Wishing her a great holiday

And well, after sampling the sparkling wine, one glass was enough, we figured we would have a bottle of red to share with the two sisters, since Siew will be heading back home to Malaysia. Like many expat wives, quite similar to the wildebeest migration in Africa, it's that time of year when when they make their annual pilgrimage. Some go for a month while others for the entire summer, (many don't like the heat here in Xiamen). Then there are a few, like this author, will stay on and keep their husbands entertained.

So, naturally our dear friend, Siew was quite excited. Oh, she's been giddy for the past week. She's like a seven year old waiting for Santa to bring her presents. She's happy, dancing, singing, and talking up a storm, (now I know where Daniel gets it from) while sister Siewyih gives her the, well, let's just say there was a bit of sibling envy going on here.

Mark tried to capture her little dance, but she wouldn't do a repeat performance, but Siewyih manage to do a great impersonation of her.

We will miss Siew, (though Mark and I will see her this weekend) while she is enjoying her time with her family in Ipoh.

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