Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lots of nothing...

Finally, a relaxing weekend where we were able to do lots of nothing. This weekend is sandwiched between two trips out of the country, and there aren't any birthdays of going away parties that we needed to attend. The rains of the last week, and the last remnants of typhoon, then tropical storm, Fengshen have finally seemed to have passed. It's still cloudy out, and we did have a couple of quick downpours yesterday, but this has also helped to bring the overall temperature down (now only 31C and 62% humidity) which makes it actually bearable to sit outside.

So sit outside we did, and we took to enjoying our balcony. We dragged our Bose Sounddock outside and on both Friday and Saturday nights we relaxed to some nice jazz and blues and talked a lot of mindless nothing.

We also managed to get a little organized with some of our photos and files. We finally loaded the photos from when we went to Wuyishan back in April with Ann over to Flickr, and Tina has added a new blog link onto her favourites. The new link is Thompson Stories, Tina's friends that are becoming foster parents and have decided to blog about all of their experiences, the blog is off to a strong start, we suggest that you check it out.


Lisa Thompson said...

Thanks for the "shout out" on our new blog... Ours pales in comparison to yours and we can't wait to start sharing pictures!!!

Take care of each other -

Lisa T

Tina said...

Not at all. You have done a great job, and keep it up. Miss you and have fun with your newest addition