Friday, June 13, 2008

Rainy Season

Apparently we've moved fully into the rainy season here in Xiamen. It's gone from just raining every couple of days, to raining for a small part of every afternoon, to full downpours that last a full afternoon, and finally to full days of torrential downpours.

Today is the second day that it has rained pretty much all day, and its those serious sky darkens rain coming down in sheets, sideways at times, type of storms. Lots of lightening and thunder, and a lot of the streets and sidewalks are starting to get flooded. Weather reports show that this should continue like this until at least Tuesday, so that's fun.
You can almost see the buildings - this was around noon

One nice thing about terrible weather is that it's a Friday night and we finally don't have any plans, so a nice dinner and then we will sit in front of the television and watch a new series - right now we are starting to watch the Rescue Me series which we purchased a few weeks back.

One bad thing about this weather is that we had agreed to watch Siew's kids on Saturday and now taking them to the park appears to be out as an option. So tomorrow we will have a 5 year old and a 7 year old cooped up in our house for 7+ hours. That'll be fun....

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