Sunday, June 15, 2008

Saturday afternoon with the kids..

Saturday morning we were up bright and early, fully rested after a relaxing Friday night of doing pretty much nothing, so we were fully ready for a full day of running around with Siew's kids Ben and Daniel.

We were worried that it was going to rain all day and that we would have to find ways to entertain them at home, but luckily it looked like the rain was going to hold off for a while. This was nice, and it gave us a chance to let them run around and get good and tired. We had purchased some tennis racquets and a little ball on a return bungee cord that we thought would be easy to play and would keep them occupied for a while.

It didn't. Ben played with it for about 5 minutes, and both Tina and I also tried and had problems in getting this system to work properly, so we packed that up and Ben and I moved on to playing frisbee while Tina took Daniel over to play on the slides.

After a little more than an hour of running around Daniel decided that he needed a nap so we packed up and went inside. Ben and I pulled out a backgammon set to play, but we decided that it would take too much work to play properly, and for me to really remember the rules, so we put that away and just played a game of Rummicube.
Apparently the three of us were making too much noise for Daniel to sleep, so he came out and convinced us to switch to playing Scrabble. After a quick game we put in Shrek for them to watch, everything was good.

The only problem would be the fact that Daniel didn't get a chance to nap - we really learnt how bad that was when we finished watching Shrek and told them that, since is was after 17:00, it was time to head back over to meet up with their mom. Daniel decided that he wanted to watch Lilo & Stich next, and since he wasn't going to it was time for him to move into full temper-tantrum mode. This child is going to make a great actor at some point, for when he wants to scream, cry, pout and stomp around he makes sure that everyone knows exactly how unhappy he is...

This made for some fun, but within 20 minutes he had quickly fallen asleep and we simply packed up all of their belongings and carried him back over to Siew's. Once we got in he quickly woke up and remembered that he was upset, and especially since he had a new audience, the screaming and crying started up all over again... We aren't quite sure how long he managed to keep this second tantrum going, as Siew handed him over to their ayi and she took him home to put him to bed.

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Love the Cubs hats. Go Cubbies!