Tuesday, June 17, 2008


We just realized that last month, while my parents were visiting, we managed to miss posting on of their guest blogs. This is a terrible thing for us to have missed, and I'm thinking now that is was just something that we overlooked when they flew up to Beijing and Tina and I flew up to Shanghai for the weekend.

But I have now posted this missing blog, and since I am slightly anal about these things, I have backdated in using Blogger's fancy Post Date feature. This is so that long after we've stopped blogging, if somebody stumbles upon this site and decided it is worth reading - all will appear to have been posted in the correct order. Well all except for this post explaining, but we'll worry about that far into said blogging future...

So, the lost post can be found by clicking on this link, or by just selecting the May archives and scrolling down to May 22. I recommend checking it out, it's one of their better written ones, and now, as a bonus of being posted late, there are pictures included.

This inserting also means that our much talked about 300th post will now actually have been our 301st post, but again, I'm willing to let that slide.

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