Monday, June 16, 2008

Saturday Night

Saturday evening, after we dropped Ben and Daniel back off with Siew we went out to enjoy grown up stuff.

Our friend Ed, of the Ed and Christine that lived here for six months and have now moved back to Vermont, is back in Xiamen for the week to check up on all the work they had been doing. So, to welcome him back to China, what better then a nice quick dinner and then some drinks?

We went to dinner at a great little Japanese place that they had introduced us to, for 100 a person you can order as much sushi, tempura, or grilled steak as you would like, and you get two little bottles of sake to drink. That's about $14 a person, we made sure we were stuffed full of food...

From there, since the weather seemed to be cooperating, we headed over to You & Me 2 for some drinks.
We grabbed a table away from the band so we could talk, and just spent the time catching up and laughing about how China and the States are different and how they are similar. We also saw some other people that we knew, and before long we had a group of six others around the table with us.
It was a fun night, we placed a call in to Vermont and told Christine that we are looking forward to the next time that she visits. Ed was smart and left somewhere, we are thinking, close to midnight. We made some more calls, since it was now only 11:00 in Chicago, but our international minutes were quickly used up. This, we are thinking, was a good thing as it got us to go back to the table and talk some more with the group that was there.

Next thing we know, the bar was closing and the owner's wife said "Stay as long as you'd like to chat, but we're all going home..." Yeah, it was just about 05:00 - a little later then we planned on staying out.

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