Thursday, July 3, 2008


Ah, it's that time again, when the semester is almost finished at Xia Da. We have exams next week and like the last semester, we have additional classes thereafter. Why they choose to do this? Well, no one knows, but we figure we paid for the semester, let's try to learn a chapter or two while we can. Who knows? Maybe, I will finally understand when to use 过 ,and 了 though I wouldn't hold much hope for that.

It was a beautiful day to take pictures around the university.

It's becoming a ghost town around the university. We had taken some photos yesterday, as our classes are getting smaller each day with many students travelling back home for the holidays. Some will be leaving China shortly to continue their studies abroad, others will not be returning, while a few of us would like to continue our studies next semester.

So to all my 同学,here's to you! With hopes that when you do speak Chinese, you may finally be understood in the middle Kingdom!

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