Thursday, July 3, 2008

Trip to Mayalsia

So, today we are off to meet Tina's new adopted mother. As she has mentioned before, Siew and Siewyih have taken quite a liking to Tina and are now referring to her as their new sister. So, being part of a new family and all, we now are heading to Ipoh, Malaysia for mom's birthday party.

Siew left for home on Tuesday with her kids, Ben and Daniel, and we are flying down this evening with Siewyih and her husband, Allen. We realized today, whilst packing, that this is almost like the first time you meet your girlfriends parents, as we kind of feel that we need to make a good first impression. Actually, I think that Tina worries more since it's her new mother and she want's to make sure that she makes a good enough impression to get into the will, but the biggest problem is in packing clothes. Tina and I usually travel light, a few shirts, some shorts, and a pair of pants, on most of our trips we repeat clothes becasue we know nobody will see us again and we don't want to lug a lot of luggage around. This time around we aren't even sure what to bring, Tina's new sisters are almost always dressed up and from the sounds of it moms party requires something just short of formal wear. That, and Siewyih is also using us as a mule and has stuffed four bottles of wine into our luggage....

Ah well, all will be good and fun and if we don't get a chance to update while were are there, you'll be hearing from us when we return on Tuesday.

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