Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Calm before the Storm

Mark and I were just told that not only is the Mexican and family leaving Xiamen very soon, so are Edlin and Jose. They will be departing China to go back to the U.S in September.

The move will be stressful for Laura, the Mexican's wife, as she, along with her three children, will be leaving one month before her husband, Renee, and will not only look for a new home, but. also a new school for her children. She is leaving in two weeks.

I decided that Laura needs a bit of a break. Consider it the calm before the storm. Laura and her daughter Alejandra, as well as Edlin, Giovanna, and myself planned an afternoon of indulgence.

First we met up for lunch, followed by a very nice, long, foot massage. Alejandra enjoyed it, considering the first time she had a foot massage, it was a little too intense. She got to watch some T.V show, while the rest of us enjoyed a glass of wine. We talked about the first time they landed in Xiamen and their reaction to China, and how life has changed so much for everyone. We discussed, what they will miss, what they wished they could have done or seen, and the memories that they will have of China.

Edllin, myself, Laura, and daughter Alejandra

It seems very strange, that both Edlin and Laura's families, were to be in China longer and now within two weeks, due to circumstances beyond their control, they both will be leaving within the next 8 weeks. They have become good friends and we will truly miss them.

We wish them the best!

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