Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Night on the Town!

We planned on Saturday night to dance away the hours in one of the hottest nightclubs in Xiamen. Why? Good question. The Mexican has his best friend and brother-in-law visiting Xiamen and since no one in our group has ever gone to any of the nightclubs here in Xiamen, (nor did they ever want to go to one), we figured this would be a good time. Afterall, The Mexican and family will soon be moving back to the U.S.

We started off at one of our favorite places Me and You 2 and then went out for dinner.

Me and You 2

After dinner, we headed to KK, the first nightclub and we could not figure out for the life of us how anyone likes this. You can tell we're all getting old here or in some cases, especially the guys, they had no desire ever be in one. They much prefer the small, dive bars, and I don't blame them. KK is a typical Chinese nightclub, I was told. Really? I asked. What's the difference? Chinese go to them.

We had a drink and of course we weren't allowed to take any pictures in KK. We tried and someone threw their hand in front of my camera, however, Mark managed to get a couple before a bouncer came over and told him that he couldn't. The pictures were a bit blurred but you get the idea.
Such a rebel, my husband is!

Mark taking a picture before he was ordered to stop.

Afterward we blew that pop stand, we went to the newest club called The Key. This was much better. We ran into Sherry, the lady who has been living in Xiamen for the past 9 years. After hello's and what not, she directed us to some great seats, ordered some appetizers and then left. She was having a great time with all of her friends. The Key has a live band, from the Philippines, who are considered one of the best bands in Xiamen. Usually Filipino bands are loud, but this was very good. They also had a bartender, who entertained us with his ability to juggle a few bottles of liquor and then proceeded to do some fire breathing and fire eating stunts. Look out Tom Cruise, I think you may have some competition.
Tom Cruise wannabe

The Mexican and Laura left first, followed by Jose and Edlin. We then left a short while later, while the visitors stayed on, hoping to catch more of the show.

I think we will pretty much stick with our old haunts.

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