Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Mark!

Today is Mark's birthday, and as some of you may or perhaps not know, he's not one to remember it, let alone wanting to celebrate it, so his sister-in-laws, Hong and Yih decided that it would be celebrated the Sunday at Temptations. Notice I said, told, not asked. His only stipulation that there would be no theme parties and he wanted cheesecake. They acquiesced.

Though Hong would be in Malaysia, the other sister-in-law was in charge of his birthday dinner.

Siew Yih's friend, Lucas joined in the festivities and purchased a nice bottle of champagne to celebrate. Though he had one very persuasive Malaysian convincing him to buy it, nonetheless, it was very nice of him to do so.

We arrived early and Siew Yih had everything planned. We had soup, homemade bread, salad, pasta, Cordon Bleu, and a very yummy chicken dish.

For someone who has an aversion to celebrating his birthday, he managed to get Siew Yih to bake him a strawberry cheesecake, though, we had our doubts she actually baked it, and got the other sister-in-law to promise that she would bake him his favorite desert, carrot cake, once she returned from Malaysia.

Mark's birthday present- a new camera bag

Yea, he's not spoiled!

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