Saturday, August 23, 2008

Guest Blog - Art & Judy

The view from the 20th floor is amazing; the ocean and high rises. Just like Miami Beach, except for the outdoor washing machines. I would replace the washing machines with an outdoor shower. Judy and I are two days in from Chicago so we are still dealing with jet lag and culture shock. Everyone says to stay up as late as you can to work through the jet lag and, fortunately Tina and Mark are doing their best to help us get adjusted. Lots of pee-joe (beer/I know its misspelled) and red wine. Fresh off the plane Tina and Mark took us to our first ex-pat party at Crazy Mexican's house. It was a great time: music, cold beer, wine and nice people. Mark and I had a laugh as Judy was hit upon by an attractive lady. I thought I was in Vegas for a minute. What happens in China ...


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