Saturday, August 23, 2008

Visitor's arriving

Just a break from our vacation post today to let you know that friends will be visitin us today from the U.S.

We just spoke to Art and Judy, who are now in Shanghai, and will be flying down to Xiamen this afternoon. They got about 12 hours worth of sleep and they are hoping that they will be awake long enough to enjoy this evening's festivities.

Since this is now tradition, and one that we wouldn't dare of breaking, we will be taking our guests to our favorite place Temptations, which as anyone knows is the best place to dine in Xiamen. Okay, we're biased, but the super chef, Siew Hong makes outstanding dishes and tonight we have ordered our favorite, lamb and ordered our favorite dessert, the lemon tart. Sure she makes great
cheesecakes and apple crumble but the lemon tart is still our favorite.

So for the next few days, our guests Art and Judy will be writing about their experiences here in China. Then we will return to posting about the remainder of our European holiday.

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