Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We had a few days here in Vienna. Again, a walking tour of downtown Vienna was arranged, where our guide took us through the food market, the palace of the Hapbsburg, St. Stephen's cathedral, some more historic places, and then ended up at the famous cafe where one could have a bite of the famous Sacher Torte.

Local Market

Part of the Hapbsburg's PalaceFront of the Hapbsburg's Palace ruled over 600 years

Inside St. Stephen's cathedral

Mark and I wandered through the streets over the next few days, going through the markets, into St. Stephen's Cathedral, taking snapshots of the Hapsburg's Palace, and still managing to have a few breaks to sit and people watch.

Mark suggested that we try one of the 7 wine cellars that are still around in Vienna, dating back to the 1100's. They serve typical Viennese food, so we decided while we were there, may as well go. The one we chose dated back to 1435. The atmosphere was great, and you can see the old tools that were used back in the day, and of course one cannot complain about the food.

Later we wandered around the old town of Vienna, and tried to capture some night pictures, as everything was so peaceful and lit beautifully. We still need practice on taking evening pictures but it was fun to walk around since Vienna seems to roll up their sidewalks by midnight and there were few people out strolling around.

Vienna is a beautiful city, rich in history, and in architecture.

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