Friday, August 22, 2008

Barb's celebration part II

A few of us decided that since Barb's birthday party wasn't quite as she had anticipated we would throw her another one, without her knowing it. The next evening Jo had arranged to have a night out at a vineyard approximately 20 minutes outside of Vienna. It included your meal, wine, and local entertainment. It was about a 3 hour show. It was a good choice.

During the day, Mark and I went out and picked up a cake, 2 pair of crystal wine glasses, from Vienna of course, wine, and some Mozart chocolates, her favorite. We could not find a place to buy a candle or candles, so figured the next best thing, would be a church, and yes we paid for the candle.

Mark and I left earlier, so we could explain to the manager what we wanted to do. As everyone came, we had each of the gals sign the bottle, with a special marker Mark had purchased without Barb knowing.

It was fantastic. She had no idea, as the dessert came out, the staff sang Happy Birthday to her, using a firecracker as a candle. All that trouble to get the candle and it didn't even get used. The vineyard gave her and Vicki a bottle of wine as a birthday gift. We laughed, drank and ate. The show was very entertaining and Barb's smile went from ear to ear.

The gals
The token male- Mark and friend Nancy The birthday gal - Barb
It came off better than we thought, and she was truly surprised. As Mark said in his speech, one doesn't throw their own birthday parties, that's why you have friends.

Afterwards, Mark and I found this quaint Austrian bar, that Leopold III went to back in the day. For those of you who don't know, he was one of the sons of the Hapsburg's. We suggested this place to the gals and figure if it was good for Leopold III, it would be good for our group.

We ordered a couple of bottles of champagne, and continued celebrating both Vicki's and Barb's birthday's. Barb finally got the birthday celebration she deserved.

Who says the getting older can't be a lot of fun?

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