Monday, September 8, 2008

Hair washing, Chinese style

The other day, my dear friend and now sister, Siew Hong, decided that we needed to go and have our hair washed. Again, with the hair washing I asked? She told me that I needed to experience an eastern style hair wash. Okay, I'm game.

First off, one needs two hours to have, in order to get your hair washed properly according to sis. We schedule the time, and headed to one of the salons where she has a card, which basically prepays the treatments you want.

So upstairs we go to the third level, where it's dark, and people are laying on massage tables. We both take up a table and lie on our back. First they massage your head for about 15 minutes, followed by a quick wash, followed by some more massaging and then another wash. This part takes a total of 30 minutes.
Just so you know, the place was packed, with both men and women.

Then we go downstairs where they take sections of your hair, and with a brush, ply on the conditioner. From there they put saran wrap, yea, that's what I said saran wrap, and put your head under this hair dryer, where hot, very hot steam blows on your poor scalp. After burning your scalp, 30 minutes into this, the gal takes you back upstairs. This is the most expensive part of the wash, costing upwards to 200 or 300 RMB. If you choose not to have this little torture, the wash is only 25 RMB and you still get the massage. Guess what I'm foregoing next time.

Here they do another wash, and massage. Not only do they massage your head, but your shoulders, back and arms. After massaging you, they clean your ears as well. And you wonder why it will be hard to leave China! This continues for another 30 minutes where the last 30 minutes they're blow drying your hair to make you look all nice and pretty.

Definitely an interesting experience, and a first one for me, so now everyone has been warned, when they come and visit us, this will be on the sightseeing tour.

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