Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just when we thought we were done..

Well, just when I thought we had said all of our goodbyes, and sent Edlin and Jose off, I received a call from Edlin saying that she had forgotten her camera bag.

Could we please retrieve it from the hotel and send it to her when we get back to the U.S over the holidays? Of course.

The nice surprise was that there was a package waiting for us; one bottle of Champagne and a nice bottle of red wine.

It was bittersweet to see Edlin and Jose leave. Sad they are leaving, but happy as we ended up with a fridge full of food and some nice bottles of wine. It just saved me a shopping trip to Metro.

On another note, this past weekend we found out that 老 Joe (old Joe) will be leaving Xiamen, for good as we had known already, except his departure has been moved up by about 2 months.

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