Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Typhoon Hagupit

Well its' that time of year, when Taiwan, Hong Kong and Xiamen, are in the midst of typhoon season. Most times, the typhoons taper out by the time it travels to Xiamen, though Taiwan and Hong Kong are not so lucky.

Todays typhoon, Hagupit, seems like it may stay a little longer. Tropical storm watch has labeled it a category 3, of a scale out of 5.

For the past two days, though sunny, winds have gusted upwards of 55 kms per hour. By the way the sound of the wind blasting through our place you would think it was more than that. It hit Taiwan with winds reaching upwards of 140kms per hour and now it's on its way here. The past day and a half, the wind was so strong, that we didn't even hear the lovely sounds of construction going on below us. Personally, I prefer the wind.

I tried to capture the wind on a couple of quick movie clips to give you an idea.

The best part is that the laundry is dry within an hour.

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