Saturday, September 13, 2008

A new expat

There comes a time when it's your turn to impose your knowledge to a newbie. Today was my day, to help a young new expat, named Amber.

She arrived approximately one month ago, and is living in Xiamen until the end of this year. She contacted us, through our blog, inquiring about a tailor. After a few emails we confirmed a date, place and time to meet. Today was the day.

We first went to the material market in search for material. Amber seemed a bit overwhelmed by the fact that there were so many stores in one place, not to mention the various types of material one can buy. I took her to my favorite places where we bartered down the prices, (this is why we love China!) and purchased meters of material. This is becoming my favorite past time, going through the market and having clothes tailored made for us.

After getting a business card for Amber so she can return to the material market, we took a taxi to the tailor. His English is limited at best but we were able to get across what Amber was looking for, or we hope we did anyway. I picked up the remainder of my clothes, and and dropped some more material for him to make some more outfits.

After a few hours we finished and we will be head back in a couple of weeks to see the results of Amber's clothes.

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