Sunday, September 14, 2008

Farewell to the Mexican

Today was the crazy Mexican's last day in Xiamen, so last night we met up with him for a few drinks and to wish him well.

It was a nice day, Tina and I met up with friends Howard and Juan for yet another excellent dinner at Temptations and then the four of us wandered over to one of our favorite bars, My Way. We've mentioned My Way before, it's a tiny little pub with seating for about 8 people and when we got in there last night it was jam packed. Luckily, after standing cramped in the corner of the bar for about 5 minutes, the people sitting in the small room upstairs left and we wandered up there to sit and enjoy. Our friend 老Joe met us there and then about 20 minutes later the Mexican finish having his farewell dinner with other friends and he joined us.

Good times. It was nice to sit and reminisce about the fun and parties that we went to at the Mexican's house. The rest of his family had moved back to the states a few weeks ago and he was here just finishing up some final items, so he'll be glad to get back home and be with his family. Once home in San Diego he has to gather up the family and move them all up to Seattle where he's now been relocated. So, at least now we've got some good friends that we will be able to go and visit in Seattle....

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