Monday, September 15, 2008

The next group to leave.....

Now that the Mexican is back home, safe and sound, or so we assume, it's time to turn our attention to Edlin and Jose, who will be the next of our group to depart China.

This is their last week, and final preparations are underway. They picked up their clothes from the tailors over the weekend as they had business suits made, evening dresses, shirts etc. Hey, why buy clothes in the U.S, when you can have them made tailor made here in China for a fraction of the price. Edlin had a winter wool coat made for 170 RMB, about 30 USD.

This rest of the week will be for Edlin to enjoy her final week in China. We have foot and body massages, pedicures, facials and a host of other events, scheduled for her. I'm not sure about her, but I know I'll be exhausted and broke. Ah, but the fun we will have.

Though it's tough for us, who are still here to say good bye to our friends, we also know that as expats depart, others arrive, which makes being an expat very interesting.

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