Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Next stop - Tettnang

We were up almost at the crack of dawn that last day in Prague and headed down to the train station for a full day of crossing Europe. From Prague we take the train to Munich (6 hours) then we switch to a train heading to Ulm (3 hours), and finally a short 1-1/2 ride from Ulm to Meckenbeuren where Tina's cousin Monika should be waiting for us at the station.

Because we are old pro's at the train thing now, we totally forget to pack any snacks or even drinking water for our first 6 hour leg of the journey. Yeah, and because it's a train from the Czech Republic - no bar car. So that made it a long journey right from the start.

Somewhere while we were still in Czech Republic the train stopped, and I got up to take a quick look outside only to see them stopped so that they could move an old steamer just a few tracks over. It was nice to see, and having the car we were in fill with soot as it went by brought back all sorts of old memories....

So yeah, I took a few photos of that -

From then on the rest of the trip was uneventful, we managed to grab a snack in Munich while changing trains and then, despite me getting turned around in the Ulm station, we still made our transfer to the train going to Meckenbeuren.

Tina's father flew in the same day, and was meeting another cousin Rudolf, who was bringing him down to Tettnang. We pull into Meckenbeuren and as we are getting off the train we find Rudolf and Tina's father getting off the train car just ahead of us. Good timing on the trains.

From there it's a quick 10 minute ride to Tettnang, and then everyone in the family being happy to see everyone. Tina's aunt, Tanta Betha was waiting at home waiting so that they could serve some homemade leberkase (Tina's favourite).

Tina and Tante Betha
Rudolf and me

Tomorrow - they throw a party with all of the family. Don't miss that one.

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