Wednesday, September 3, 2008


With our arrival in Tettnang the evening before, our travels finally settled down. From the first week of moving from city to city with a bunch of woman every one to two days, to finally being able to relax with some of Tina's family for a few days. Yes, it was a much needed break and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Our first full day, Monika takes us for a full tour around Tettnang and Tina is proud to talk about the school where her mom went, and the church where her parents got married. It is a beautiful, quaint, little town, where at one point Tina and her father are pointing out, over the hills showing how far south in Germany they really are "That's Austria right over there, those mountains." and "Yeah, if you go that way. But if you look this way you can see into Switzerland."

That evening thy had a large get together with all of the family members that still are living in nearby. It was everything that you'd expect - a great outdoor picnic in the backyard, excellent food, good drinks, and good laughing conversation. Well, I'm presuming good conversation as it was all in German but there was a lot of laughing, so I'm going with it was all good.

Right as it was starting to get dark, a good rainstorm showed up so the party quickly moved inside, where eveyone just picked right back up with the drinking, talking, and laughing.
As the night continued, one of their neighbors showed up with a guitar and harmonica. Given the time of night, this brought on lots of singing and enjoyment... But, it was late and Tante Betha needed to head to bed, so I took the small keg of beer, that their singing neighbor had also brought with him, and took that upstairs to the second floor apartment where we were staying.
That managed to extend the party far longer then it needed to go, but it was still a lot of fun with all the stories being told and the music. At one point we even had an inpromptu drum added to the music with the addition of a bowl, a spoon, and at first my head...
I wish that I could tell you at what hour we finally managed to get to bed, but by then time had lost all meaning. What I can tell you is that we were up bright and early (09:30ish) only to hear "Why are you up so late? I've been up since eight." from Tina's father.

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