Friday, October 24, 2008

Beijing Tours

Alright, it looks like you'll all need to wait another day before someone in Tina's family steps up and does another guest post. Apparently they had a long day today and can't get into the right frame of mind for writing to the masses....

But at least we are all back home in Xiamen , and I figured that I'd fill in a little more of our time in Beijing. Karen had mentioned that we toured the Olympic areas, so I figured that I'd throw in a couple of quick photos from that for you.

Bird's Nest
Christel, our guide, Gottfried, Me and Karen with the Water Cube in the background.

The other little tour that we took was a cyclo ride, because they don't have rickshaws, through the hutongs. The hutongs are the old housing areas, narrow streets and courtyards and tiny family houses, but they have done a lot of work lately in restoring them and opening them up to tours. Tina and I feel that the local alleys here in Xiamen provide a better feel for how the locals are living....
Row of cyclos
Christel and Gottfried in the cyclo.

It was a good tour, and fun just to get peddled around for a few hours before we headed to the airport and flew back to Xiamen. Fun was had by all...

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