Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Farewell to Xiamen and China - Guest Blogger

(Our guest blogger is a little behind in telling all the stories, we think she really enjoyed writing these and felt the need to stretch them out as much as she could, but we are actually going to post them out of order - you get her farewell post today, the day everyone actually left - and then we will return to the few remaining posts that Karen wrote while everyone was still here.)

Well its our last day. Its about 2:00 am and everyone is asleep, well except Mark and Tina. I still hear them yakking' in their room. I thought I would complete this blog now since I know Tina will hound to death me until it is done. I am sure the hours prior to our leaving for the airport will be hectic.

Our trip has been amazing! Our thanks to Mark and Tina. We have seen sights we would never have seen had we been on our own. Sights from the large city of Beijing to the country side Guilin. From the small villages in the mountains to the alley ways of Xiamen. Thanks to Tina and Mark, for we would not have enjoyed the experiences we did without their humour and patience. From the foot massages, the shoe shines and Dad's experience through the 'special' alley. To the many Chinese people we have met along the way, thank you for your curiosity, helpfulness and hospitality. We now have stories for many Christmas' to come. Thank you, Tina and Mark for a once in a lifetime experience. I can't wait to see and visit your next destination. Thank you Siew for the wonderful dinners and your friendship. Siew best of luck in Malaysia. Thank you Yih for the 'hairy crabs' and your friendship.

I do want to say one thing, anyone who has an interest in visiting China, leave your fears home. Our experience has shown us that any preconceived ideas of this country is unfounded. What we think of China and its people is a waste of energy. We didn't have problems with the smog, the smoking, or the food. In fact, we hardly encountered any of these problems. The Chinese people are a curious bunch, an attentive bunch and a very respectful and entertaining bunch. They love to learn and love to help anyone who is willing to try their way. Yes, their way of doing things is somewhat different and sometimes unexpected. They as a culture are learning as our culture once did. It only takes one step at a time. As a visitor you must go with the flow. Once you've figured that out, than you'll have a lifetime of memories and a helluva good time! We are indeed each others brother.

Mark and Tina, thanks again for the memories and we will be see in you two in about 6 weeks for Christmas. Thanks for our accommodations at the Wichmann B (No 2nd B ) I know we were booked on the 'budget' tour,but Tina I'm still looking for my hat!!

Well that's it. It's time to say good bye to China.

Willie, Brenda, Greg, Jenna and Brent we are on our way back home! We miss you and look for to seeing you all soon! We are also looking forward to seeing the kids, Scruff and Tina.
Tina, (sister) my job is finally done!!! I gladly had over the reins to your next guest.

Mark and Tina enjoy life and thanks again for a wonderful time. Bless you both.

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