Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunday by the Beach

This is a new day and we aren't starting the day as briskly as we had hoped. Once we got our selves all sorted out, we were on our way. We walked through part of the market and went looking for a bank. Yesterday's shopping proved to be quite an experience and has somewhat drained our pockets. Once we left the bank we headed for the beach. Actually, we headed to Hulishan, where the largest cannon in the world is pointed at Tawian. An impressive piece of armament. It took 5 years to build and it virtually impregnable. This Krupp made cannon weighs about 60 tonnes and was installed in 1896.

Once we finished looking around we began walking along the beach's boardwalk. The beaches were alive with all sorts of people. There were young brides getting there pictures taken, vendors selling their wares and people just enjoying the sun and water. As we walked I was enjoying the landscape with its large rocks situated just where our creator had placed them. It seemed these rocks were positioned in the just right spot. To me the placement of these rocks were an invitation to sit and just to soaked up the the surroundings. Maybe next time.

As we continued on the came to the end of the boardwalk and now heading to You and Me 2. Yep! A bar. It sounds like we've done a lot of drinking on this trip, we'll you would be right. The beer here in China is only 3% alcohol. So its not really that bad (that's my story and I'm stickin' to it). Actually, China pushes the beer. I saw an ad for pizza and it comes with beer! They deliver too!! Tell me where you can find this service in Canada. While at You and Me2 we met some nice people and really enjoyed ourselves. The weather has been wonderful for us especially at night. The weather during the day its been hot and humid. Once we finished with at You and Me 2 we headed toward a restaurant for some seafood. Again, the food was delicious and we enjoyed it very much.

This is it for this day.

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