Monday, October 13, 2008

Final day of our Mongolian Holiday

Our final full day in Mongolia started with a visit to Gandan Monastery.
After touring around the monastery, which contains the largest covered standing buddha in the world, we then went over to the Winter Palace of the Bogd Khaan.
But, same as in the monastery, you have to pay extra if you want to take photos once inside and we felt that we already had enough photos, so all you get is a photo of the main entrance.

After that we decided to try and do some of the other museums in UB, the Museum of General Intelligence, the International Intellectual Museum, and the Railway Museum but for some reason they are all closed on weekends. We were able to look at some old train engines that were out on display, but even the gates to that small park were locked up so we couldn't get any really good photos...
From there we had lunch at an Indian restaurant that was next to the old Headquarters of the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party. This is the building that was burnt down during the rioting in Mongolia back at the beginning of July.
We spent the rest of the afternoon just wandering around on our own, giving the driver and our tour guide some time to spend with their families. We met up with our guide later in the evening and she took us over to a traditional Mongolian folk show.
Then off to our final dinner in a restaurant that had a nice view out over the city.
That's it, the next morning we were picked up at 08:00 and driven to the airport. A short hop to Beijing, a few hours to enjoy the new airport and then we were safely back home here in Xiamen. An excellent holiday trip, especially since we can now both say that we've ridden on a yak...

Leaving Ulaanbataar

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