Sunday, October 12, 2008

Terelj National Park

Our last day out in the countryside of Mongolia was spent inside of Terelj National Park, an absolutely beautiful part of the country.A quick walk across a rickety bridge and we climbed up to Aryabala Monastery.
Then we drove over to take some quick photos of Turtle Rock.
After an good morning of touring around to the best sites in the park we went back to the ger camp so that we could head out for a one hour tour on horseback.
The horse riding was alright, especially with the scenery, but after that we wandered down to a nearby nomadic family for what we really were looking forward to - yak riding...

Yeah - the good fun of hopping up onto a yak. After the short yak ride we spend a little time with the family, again being offered the fermented mares milk and dried yogurt squares.

After all that fun we hopped back into the car and head back to UlaanBaatar where we checked into our hotel and we able to take a nice long hot shower. For dinner Tseke took us to one of the dinner nightspots that she likes to go to, a sort of restaurant-bar that has live music in the evenings. We stayed for a while and listed to the band but it was basically the same type of place that we can go to in the states or even in China, and since we were exhausted from another full day, we called it an early night and went back to the hotel.

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