Friday, October 10, 2008

Hustai National Park

After staying two nights at Khaan Taij camp, where we had the excellent barbecue and then saw all of the sights within close driving of Karakorum, we headed off to Hustai National Park.
Once again we spent several hours in the car trekking across the bumpy Mongolian country side. We stopped our driver several times so that we could take photos of the country side, the amazing blue skies, or just of locals out at their day job as in the above photo.

When we finally got to the park we found out that the camp site had saved us the best ger that they had...
See how happy Tina is? That's how nice it was. Actually is was great because this ger had a double bed in it instead of the standard gets with just two small twin beds. It also had a television but it only pulled in static.

After a quick lunch we set off into the park - the one reason that people come to this park (or one of the main reasons) is to see the wild horses. The Takhi horses were wild in Mongolia but eventually killed off sometime in the 60's. Luckily there were still some of these horses in zoos across the world and in 1997 they were reintroduced into the wild in this park.

So we got to ride around the park looking for horses, just like a safari but looking for a horse instead of a lion or a leopard. Eventually we found them....

See how wild they look?

Yep, we still enjoyed taking pictures of the locals gathering their heads more.

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