Saturday, October 11, 2008

More on Mongolia...

Another day of getting up nice and early followed by several hours of you pick your own path across the Mongolian countryside. Eventually we made our way back to Ulaanbaatar and then headed up out to the northeast of the city
A little more than an hour outside of UB, still on paved roads but where there is nothing around they just finished building this giant statue of Chinggis Khaan.
Apparently it will eventually have stores and a movie theater inside, and you can walk up in the statue to get a view from the horses head. When we were there the building was locked.

From there we went to a touristy area that is set up to recreate what life was like back in the 13th century when the Mongolians ruled most all of Asia.
It was interesting to listen to them describe how they would set up the camps every so often so that they could run messages from the edges of their empire back to the capital.

In the chair of the outpost leader
Lunch with our driver and guide
A shaman ritual site

After touring the sites at the old outpost, shaman site, old library, and a blacksmith setup we headed off to the Terelj national park.
Bridge into Terelj park - very safe looking
A nice dinner and then we retired to our ger for the night. This was our last night in a ger, the next day we tour Terelj Park and then we spent our final two nights in the comfort of a hotel with a shower back in Ulaanbaatat.

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