Saturday, November 29, 2008


Alight, everyone is now all together safely for a weekend in Taipei, Taiwan...

As Emily had mentioned, she and Tina took the ferry from Xiamen over to the Taiwanese island of Kinmen and then flew over to Taipei on Thursday afternoon.

I had been down in the southern part of Taiwan all week, so Friday evening I hopped on the high speed rail and headed up to Taipei to meet up with Tina and Emily. The train is nice, it reminded me of the bullet train in Japan. The trip from the Kaohsiung to Taipei only takes 90 minutes with the train being able to go up to 300 km/hr (186mph), but the fastest I saw it at was 269 km/h.

Tina and Emily spend the day touring, and just general fun stuff - I'll let Emily fill you all in once she resumes guest blogging. Today we have more of the same general strolling and touring planned.

It's chilly up here, I hadn't expected that. Tina and Emily have jackets - I may need to buy one.

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