Thursday, November 27, 2008

I made it!!

Tina's got me on blog duty again... so hello everyone! This is guest blogger Emily here. Each time I visit the Wichmann's on vacation, they go on "blog vacation."

I'm so happy to be in Xiamen today! I left Chicago Tuesday, 11/25 at 7am CT and arrived in Xiamen last night (Wednesday) at 9pm local time. I'm not sure how long the entire trip was because of the time change; it felt long, but everything went smoothly.

Tina picked me up at the airport. It was so great to see her after such a long day of traveling. She looks fabulous -- she doesn't have the pastey-office-cube glow that many of us are suffering from back home in Chicago. Her hair is also much longer; I'll admit I have a little hair envy. Hopefully she will divulge all the Chinese hair treatments she's been using. She took me home and in Wichmann fashion, we had a couple glasses of red wine before turning in for the night.

It's a gorgeous, sunny morning today! We woke up slowly, ate local fruit: tangerines and bananas. We are now going to lunch with one of Tina's friends, Siew. Then we head to Taipei this afternoon via a ferry to Jinnmen and then a short flight from there to Taipei.

To those reading from the office: 听不懂, "Ting bu dong!" -- I used this phrase a lot yesterday while traveling... Tina's translation for this: "I can hear you, but I don't know what the hell you are saying!"


Lisa Wilson said...

Hey Emily glad you made it there safely. I love the "I can hear you, but I don't know what the hell you are saying" phrase!! Can we use that on our customers?? LOL!!
Give Tina a big hug from me!! Have a great time!!

Mona Petro said...

Hey Emily - I love reading about your adventures. You write very well and it makes it so easy to picture your vacation.
I am so glad you are having a wonderful trip. I think I will order in Thai or Chinese for dinner tonight.
Enjoy the rest of your trip and I look forward to following you as a Guest Blogger.

PS: In case you miss Chicago:


Anonymous said...

Hey Mona! Hope you had some good Chinese food. I look forward to tracking your and Geno's blog!

Hope all is well!