Monday, November 17, 2008

Nachos - a second attempt...

Friday night we wandered back over to Temptations - I know, shocking right? This time once again we were there to make nachos, and this time we were prepared with the correct cheese and we planned to also take some photos of our creation, you know to use as filler material for this blog....

Well, we did manage to get some photos of me in their cramped little kitchen preparing the beans and working on the nachos, but when we finished them and delivered them downstairs somehow we just got to eating them and we forgot to take some photos. But they looked good, again trust us on this.
The only problem this time, was that the only tortilla chips we could find were lime flavored chips and the lime on these was unbelievably strong. Almost too overpowering with lime flavor, and that took away from the overall nacho enjoyment.

All was not lost, as the wine was still good and we got to meet up with our friend George who is generally too busy now a days to spend time over at Temptations. Back when we first moved here and started going to Temptations George was probably over there visiting Siew and Mark a few times a week.
A nice evening, and then to top it off Tina and I went over to the night market for some fried squid and corn on the cob.

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