Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Amusement Park

We had yet another opportunity to babysit our little friends, Ben and Daniel on Saturday.

As usual, we met at Temptations, had lunch with mom, and off we went to have a fun day at the amusement park. We arrived at our destination, Ben smiling, and Daniel hopping up and down like a kangaroo. We decided to check it out first before attacking any rides or games.

It's not a large place, but it did provide quite a few rides, including rollercoasters, bumpercars, swing ride, pirate ship and a host of other rides for younger children.
After our quick tour, we decided to go on the bumper cars. Mark and Ben in one car, and Daniel and I in another. They both enjoyed that ride, so off to the next ride. Daniel wanted to play in the play room which provided a host of small tunnels, balls that shoot out from guns, and all sort of other things to climb on or in. While I watched him, Mark thought it was a good opportunity to take Ben, the bigger of the two, to the rides that Daniel wouldn't be able to take part in.

After 30 minute or so, Daniel decided he was bored, since big brother Ben had no desire to go and play with him, so off to the next ride. We decided the Merry Go Round would be good for both. Daniel thought otherwise. He thought the ride was too fast, but Uncle Mark persuaded him to go. I took a Giraffe, Ben a unicorn, Mark stayed next to Daniel who opted for a horse. Daniel ended up enjoying the ride, though cautious at first.

Following this ride, Daniel wanted to go on to the Pirate Ship ride. We explained that this ride would be much quicker, and you don't have the option of getting out, once it starts going. He decided it was better not to go on it.

Then it was off to the Haunted House. I took Daniel and Mark took Ben. It took a mere 3 seconds if that for Daniel to decide, this wasn't going to be fun, and as quickly as we went in, we came right back out. Meanwhile, Mark and Ben went into the Haunted house, only to get stuck and couldn't find there way out, so they backtracked to find there way out of the Haunted House. Okay, that was pretty much a bust, so we decided to play some games.

Ben wanted to do shoot, so he tried his luck with a gun, and some balloons. He did very well, so much so Mark and I figured we couldn't hit as many balloons as Ben had. He won a prize, a watergun, which of course Daniel wanted.

Ben, the sharpshooter

Then it was off to the next game where Daniel and Ben could try their luck. It was a small version of Whac-A-Mole, only with tiny mice to hit on the head with a mallot. They were both good enough to win a prize.

Later, we went to the small children's ride similiar to a roller coaster, without the rolls. Ben wanted to go on the Pirates Ship, so Mark offered to look after Daniel and I would take Ben. Okay, that didn't bode well for Daniel. While Ben and I enjoyed the ride, Daniel cried, and pouted. Well, you knew it wouldn't be the same without Daniel crying at least once while we are looking after him.

The ride that started it all!

After the ride, Daniel continued crying and pouting. We gave him a couple of options, but chose not to say anything, so we decided to go home. We're starting to get good at this. We knew he was tired and needed sleep more than anything. As soon as Mark carried him into the taxi, he was asleep. When we got to Temptations, Mark put him upstairs for his afternoon nap.

The image of Daniel we have come to know and love

We on the other hand opened a bottle of wine.

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