Thursday, November 20, 2008

No rest for the weary........

So, I thought after Sunday's marathon, I would have a day off, but nope, Siew and I met first thing Monday morning to head back to the market to purchase foods for our next dishes.

Today's cooking class was the spicy pork, vegetarian noodles, beef brisket or stew, and spicy pork with aubergine.

After cutting up all the vegetables, garlic and I still can't believe how much garlic that woman needs to cook with, chopping the pork and cutting up the beef we were ready to start. First was the stew since it takes the longest. We threw in the vegetables and the meat and let that do it's job while we started the spicy pork with aubergine, the came the spicy pork with onion and leek.

No room on the counter - so the floor was used.

Afterwards Chef Hong announces I would have to make the noodles on my own, if I want to pass the test. This, I think, shouldn't be difficult since I tried this one on Mark and he seemed to live through it. I was doing great for the first minute, and as I was about to add the noodles, Chef Hong stops me, almost failing my test. The mushrooms have to go in first she screams. Hey, I protest, we didn't have mushrooms the first time, we cooked this dish, how was I to know. She let that minor incident slide, so then I added the rest of the vegetables and finished my dish. The Chef added a bit of dark soy to give my noodle dish a bit of colour and the spicy stir fry noodle was done.

The Chef passed me, probably because she knew we wouldn't buy any more wine if she failed me. She's no fool!

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